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Ganesha Homam - Why Ganesha Homa performed:

Ganapathi homam is performed to beget happiness, prosperity and good health. Anyone is desirous of praying to God to remove any obstacles in any of his plan/ work/Business /action and also to be victorious in his deeds can pray to Lord Ganesha.Ganapathi homam can be performed to please Kethu Performing Ganapathi Homam once every year gives prosperity, health and wealth. Especially in Kerala &Tamilnadu People Starts All Rituals By Performing Ganapathi Homam.

Speciality of Ganesha-Homa

Before beginning any new venture or anything afresh, GaneshaHoma is recommended to keep away from obstacles. The Homa energizes your potential to achieve victory. If you suffer from losses, long to start a new business or invest in a good career; GaneshaHoma is the apt solution to choose.

Recommended Timings & Mantra for GaneshaHoma
The ------- ChaturthiTithi is (Wednes day) the most recommended Tithi for performing Ganesha- Homam

"Om Glaum Gam Ganapataye Namah"
Ganesha Homa prospers the lives of:
  • Businessmen who aspire for victory in their new ventures and business
  • People who go through losses
  • Investors who invest in a new venture